As visual communicator at The Faculty of Social Sciences at UCPH, I have developed multiple design concepts for events on campus.
Photovoice was an exhibition visualizing a research project on Institute for Psychology, where students had learned to visualize messages about their campus, through courses in mental health and photography. The exhibition was placed in the middle of campus, so students and staff passing by, would have the opportunity to experience the exhibition and reflect on their relationship with campus.
My Role
I had the responsibility of designing and producing all visual products as well as copywriting and editing all text material of this exhibition. I designed the look and feel of all exhibition material, collaborated with a graphic designer to produce the material, as well as the researchers of the project, to finalize and approve the designs.
The Look
I developed a look, based on the idea of collages, combining the photos of the students and quotes symbolizing their voices, to further the idea of the students communicating their thoughts and ideas of the campus. 
The designs have three levels of interaction, so you can experience the message no matter if you're just passing by or up close. 
Seeing it from afar, you can read the big quotes, see the photos and get an idea of the message of the exhibition. If you step a bit closer, you can read the theme texts understanding the different levels on which the students interact with campus on a daily basis. Get even closer, and you can read the quotes from the students, describing the meaning of the photos, they've taken. 

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