Hi! I'm Marie
I'm a visual communicator living in Copenhagen and I'm quite skilled in multiple disciplines. 
Why? Because I can't pick one!
 I love styling, developing concepts for both visual identities, shoots, campaigns, getting deep into design processes, you name it!
I have years of experience in creative and artsy work within fashion, managing and coordinating creative processes, SoMe communication and management as well as creating clear communication concepts, producing videos from A-Z, doing crisp graphic design and explaining complicated things in easy and fun ways. 
Also, people say im practically an expert in working with colors - picking them, combining them, advising about them, wearing them and knowing weird facts about them. 
I also dabbled a bit in fashion show production once, just to see if I could do it. Lately I've been teaching layout to my colleagues, and realized how fun that was.
Basically, I'm your one woman army, but I'd rather work with others than do stuff all by myself. I go into projects believing that I can do pretty much anything and everything, often I can, and sometimes I'm a bit too ambitious about my own skillset.