About Marie My

Hi there!
I’m Marie My, I’m 29 y/o and I live in Copenhagen. To cut the list of what I do short, you could say that I’m an all over creative communications lady, with amazing organisational skills and a solid set of technical and creative media production skills too.

Recognizing my work is easy. My aesthetic is eclectic, but full of bright colors and a hint of quirk and fun – and working with the tone of voice and visual profile of others is something I’m quite skillful at, too.
My talents in communication and project management are wide ranging and I can do anything from ideation to campaign development, video, photo, graphic and copy production to editing, analyzing data, structuring processes and coordinating projects.

Lately I’ve especially worked with value based communication and SoMe-branding and management, specializing in creating and strengthening brand based communities for brands with a young customer base. I personally believe that the brands we support as consumers become part of our identity and therefore brands should take responsibility in communicating culture and creating value for their consumers in addition to the products they sell.

Wanna know more about my experience, skillset and education?
Here’s my CV!